Sunday, April 4, 2010

China Glaze, "Something Sweet"

Hope everyone had a great weekend and a very happy Easter! So I'm getting back to doing nail posts regularly, as I've totally neglected my poor nails over the past month. Not kidding, haven't painted them in about four weeks.
Some of you know that I've been on the hunt for the perfect opaque, pale pink. All the colors I've tried just haven't cut it. Either they're too streaky or not the right shade of pale pink. To my surprise, after all my searching, my husband Brad picked this one up out of nowhere on a recent bored-out-of-his-mind trip to Ulta with moi. He said "this one looks good." Only words spoken by him the entire time...haha. He's such a gem... Anyway, it's the perfect pink. Super opaque with two thin coats and the perfect shade of pale pink. Looks like the perfect Easter color to me. I have a feeling I'll be reaching for this shade a lot!

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